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Bryony Rosier
Bryony Rosier
Marketing Manager Cuckooz

Bryony is the Marketing Manager here at Cuckooz.  When she's not shimmying around the office, you can find her in East London, where she lives - forraging for vintage finds, or in her studio, where she works as a digital artist and linocut printmaker.


The Ten: Best Artists of Instagram
Words by Bryony Rosier, Friday 28 September 2018

Each month, one of our team members shares their hot list.


This month, Marketing Manager and Printmaker Bryony shares her top ten favourite artists to watch on Instagram, from a wide range of practices.

Martine Johanna



I cannot express my love for this dutch painter enough. Her fantastically hyper-realistic, pastel toned portraits focus on elevating the intrinsic femininity of her subjects. She employs an incredibly skilful and detailed paint application… resulting in surfaces so dreamy you want to dive into them.


Marissa Suto



Marissa specialises in traditional lino and woodcut printmaking and makes beautifully ornate and detailed spooky prints of monsters, moths and the macabre.

Tim Fishlock



You make recognise some of Tim Fishlock’s bold, typeface prints from walking around East London. He recently held an exhibition at Jealous Shoreditch near our nests featuring his colourful, chaotic prints. For me the most impressive of Oddly Head’s work is his portfolio of insanely complex, politically charged collages which present a psychedelic depiction of a 21st century dystopian lifestyle which we all subconsciously embrace.


Adrian Boswell



If you get the chance to meander up Brick Lane whilst you stay with us, I strongly recommend popping your head into the surrealist utopia that is Adrian Boswell’s print shop. Combining a sporadic mishmash of curated collage elements to a painterly base, Boswell creates artwork that is both chaotic and refined – a contemporary nod to the fantastically dystopian paintings of Hieronymus Bosch.

Expanded Eye



Undoubtedly amongst my favourite artists – collaborative duo Jade Tomlinson and Kevin James create breathtakingly intricate, illustrative creations based upon narrative – ranging from tattoo work to sculpture and 2D. 


J Louis



There’s something sublimely peaceful about NYC based painter J Louis’s work. Whether it’s his carefully layered application of paint, his poetic compositions or his merging of portraiture with abstraction – there’s a deep satisfaction to be had from viewing his paintings. Merging the best of traditional portraiture techniques with a contemporary application.

Broken Fingaz



As a printmaker and illustrator, I take endless inspiration from Broken Fingaz; Israel’s best-known graffiti collective. The four Haifi residents create insanely cool murals all over the world in addition to a gigantic assemblage of video work, installation and paintings. Their signature style draws influence from American comic book covers, skateboard graphics and tattoos and results in a vibrant, colourful portfolio of imagery, which is often macabre and sexual in nature.


Callum Donovan



At 12 years old, Callum is certainly the youngest artist profile I am writing about today. Though what he lacks in age, he makes up for in insurmountable talent. Callum’s beautifully hand-painted sculptures are created from salvaged materials and are all products of the young prodigy’s imagination. Taking inspiration from theatre and literature, these dark and often creepy dolls are definitely worth a gander for those with a penchant for the macabre. 

Jillian Evelyn



LA based painter and illustator Jillian creates tactile and awkward compositions, that reflect the emotional and often challenging female experience. Reflecting on her own personal experience having to stifle her emotions in a corporate setting, Evelyn hopes to create work which others can relate to by creating characters which outwardly display the vulnerabilities of the human condition. 





Manjit Thapp



UK based illustrator Manjit Thapp has exploded onto the art scene since graduating from Camberwell College of Arts a mere 2 years ago. Racking up an impressive client portfolio ranging from Google to Elle and Cartoon Network, Thapp’s instantly recognisable distinctive style has seen her take on some pretty impressive projects, including the publishing of 2 of her own books; Scribble Yourself Feminist and The Little Book of Feminist Saints.

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