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Bea Mustocea
Bea Mustocea
Marketing Assistant

Bea is our fabulous Marketing Assistant and newest addition to the Cuckooz nest.  A self confessed film nerd, you can find her gozzling popcorn in the backseats of any one of London's independent cinemas.

Cuckooz Curates: Rachel Whiteread @ Tate Britain
Words by Bea Mustocea, Thursday 12 October 2017


            Don’t know what’s on this weekend? We do… Cuckooz Curates is a weekly blog dedicated to highlighting our picks of the best events happening in East London. We’ve done the groundwork so you don’t have to.



Rachel Whiteread, British artist, first woman winner of the Turner Prize and visionary sculptor due to her work taking the form of casts – and now, exhibitor at the Tate Modern. From a new concrete sculpture titled Garden Shed, sitting firmly on the Tate grounds to a chronological look at her career in one of the most extensive looks at the artist London has ever seen. As always, in an attempt to make your weekends in the capital unforgettable, we’ve done the groundwork and filtered out the noise. And we promise, a weekend at the Tate won’t disappoint.


Modest shapes inspired from the domestic, Whiteread has seen her devotion to cast go from using it as a material to shape anything from sink and mattresses to a North London room and New York water tanks. The exhibition galleries of the Tate stripped down to welcome the quiet grandeur of her works, leaving the visitor walk amongst different shapes in this tango of the simple and the complex.


A sea of representations of what we’ve come to see as mundane objects becomes a documentation of the passage of time in Rachel Whiteread’s hands, her sculptures taking with them the wear and tear of these objects, the effect of humanity as we make our way through the everyday. The exhibition shows grain on wooden floors, dents and stains, all the authentic marks of human passage through time in an unique meditation.




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