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Leanne Creasey
Leanne Creasey
Operations Manager

Leanne is our fabulous Operations Manager here at Cuckooz. Leanne works hard to ensure everything in the day to day running of our apartments goes off without a hitch. In addition to everything she does for Cuckooz, this Girl Boss also runs her own Career and Life Coaching business, and Social Media company on the side! 

Cuckooz Commends: London's Best Workout Classes
Words by Leanne Creasey, Thursday 13 September 2018

Live like a local. Every other Thursday our team recommends their most loved happenings, exhibitions, books, podcasts and more to help you live life like a Londoner.  

Exercise might be the last thing you want to think about when travelling, but London’s eclectic collection of exercise classes could take you from couch potato to fitness guru in no time! From spinning in the dark to becoming Beyoncé in a music video class, we’re putting together the best workouts London has to offer!  

Spinning @ Boom Cycle, Shoreditch  

Spinning isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun day out, but Boom Cycle may be able to change your mind! Pick a date and time, and head over in your fanciest gym gear. When you arrive, you’ll be given your special shoes and you’ll head into the darkened room full of bikes, ready to get saddled up. Getting on the bike the first time might be well…challenging, but you’ll get it and their super friendly instructors will happily give you a leg. Once the lights go down, the beats come up and your smiley leader starts shouting commands mixed with motivational tips you’ll feel part of the crew. Amidst the banging beats you’ll discover that standing and cycle is indeed, pretty hard but you’ll ride through it and the 45 minutes will be over before you know it. With no leader board, just your motivational frontrunner pushing you on you’ll go at your own pace. Once you’re done you can head to the fancy showers and blow dry your hair with epic Dyson dryers before heading out down a well-deserved smoothie with your name on it, (which you can get free on certain classes!). Heaven, right?  

Spinning @ Boom Cycle, Shoreditch  
Yoga @ Benk + Bo, Aldgate

Interior design aficionados will love the chic escape in the heart of Aldgate that is the plant populated Benk + Bo.  This coworking/event space boasts a calendar of wonderful classes, our favourite of which is Helen Faliveno’s Anti Desk Yoga, Friday at 12.30. Her yoga style is cool and fresh, her smiley face encourages even the most novice of yogis, and her clear instructions make you feel like you’ve got this down even if you’ve not quite mastered the pose. The surroundings are, in a word, serene. The Benk + Bo studio boasts 25 lulu lemon mats which are provided and Philips hue lighting system which can adjust the colour, temperature and brightness to make it the perfect ambiance for the class. What’s better, your first class is just £5. 

Yoga @ Benk + Bo, Aldgate
Music Video @ Frame, Shoreditch

Dust of your dancing shoes, this workout is about more than just cardio, it’s training you up to star in the next big video! Hair whip yourself into shape by challenging your co-ordination, agility and well, sass. The wonderful dancers at Frame have come up with routines that are going to convince your friends you were in the most recent Beyoncé video… well, if you can execute them that is. Classes at Shoreditch Monday and Wednesday evenings.  

Tuesday Bootcamp, Midnight Runners, Various

Prefer the great outdoors to a studio? We feel you and so do Midnight Runners, our favourite night time running crew who have gone global with their sensational work out events. Running can be pretty dull when you’re on your own, but Midnight Runners mix things up with a great community, banging tunes, fun dress and stop at the end to grab yourself a well-earned tipple at a London drinking hole. On top of the great community and the chance to run off stress, it’s also a great opportunity to see the city on foot. Every Tuesday evening meet likeminded wanders for Tuesday bootcamp – running interspersed with bodyweight training and a social drink at the end. Throughout the year, make sure you check out their themed nights for the most fun you’ve ever had running: Friday night, fancy dress followed by a DJ’ed after party. Sounds like exercise we can get onboard with!  

PlyoJam Dance Cardio, Popfit, London Fields

You might be in London, but it doesn’t mean you can’t live it up like you’re in LA – this is the hottest workout out of the West Coast right now. The POPfit studio itself is a treasure trove of instagramable interiors, gorgeous people and stunning Fabletics gear thanks to the adjoining shop! The high energy dance cardio class uses plyometrics to get you moving and sweating. The music will take you to new places, where you can dance your heart out! This is a fave of celebs like Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon right now, and we can see why. 

PlyoJam Dance Cardio, Popfit, London Fields
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CLICK HERE to see what our friend's over at The Nudge suggest you do over Chinese New Year in London. Did you know it's the largest celebration in the world outside of Asia? We think the Year of the Rooster is going to be a CORKER for Cuckooz!

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