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Joel Rosenthal
Joel Rosenthal
Sales Manager

Joel is our wonderful Sales Manager here at Cuckooz. In his spare time, Joel loves to cook and travel the world with his boyfriend, Oliver.

For Travellers, By Travellers: Amsterdam
Words by Joel Rosenthal, Wednesday 31 December 1969

Once a month one of our locals flies the nest and writes up their wanderings to offer you a guide of some of Cuckooz favourite cities. This month Joel has flown the nest and landed in the incomparable Amsterdam.


As a surprise gift from my lovely boyfriend, I have just spend the last three days in Amsterdam, arriving on Monday and leaving Wednesday. At first I was slightly apprehensive that this timing may mean that some places may be closed and very quite, however it turned out to be the perfect time as places were bustling, whilst still not overcrowded.

Oliver (my bf) had booked a stay at what looked like a lovely boutique hotel. His inspiration for choosing this Place, was that from the pictures, it looked just like @cuckoozldn Kings Cross. We both really like this block after spending a perfect weekend there last summer. Unfortunately on arrival we realised
that we had been catfished.

The rooms had clearly been staged for photography, and the particular room that we’d been given was right above the entrance to a bar and very noisy! To top it all off, the room was very dirty! Without a second thought we were back on the goog’s and found availability at a chained hotel which was much nicer and set within the beautiful Rusland area.

This is a beautiful part of town, slightly tucked away from the heavily tourist littered areas. With it being only a 7 minute walk from Dam square, it was a perfect location.

As any of you will know, who have visited this magical city before, walking shoes are a must! We were feeling lazy when we arrived and had to change hotel and decided to take a taxi, this was a huge mistake. What would have been a 5 minute walk took us 20 minutes to drive, as the local government are set upon making Amsterdam a car free city, they have banned driving along most residential roads.

Whilst at this point in time this rule seemed very annoying, it actually really adds to the charm of the place. The streets are busy with people and bikes, but hardly any cars! Coming from London this is such a welcome delight. The air seemed cleaner, it felt safer to walk around and there was very little noise, perfect.

Both Oliver and I are 100% foodies, and Amsterdam, you didn’t let us down! Be it noodles or doughnuts, this city has it all! One night, and a personal highlight for me, we dinned at Max Amsterdam which is an Indonesian restaurant in a beautiful street not to far from Jordaan. Again, this is slightly off the beaten path, however due to the great reviews on trip adviser, we were not the only tourists to discover this gem.

We opted for the tasting menu. The only real word that comes to mind is wow! To start with, a chicken stay salad was served, that had the perfect sweet and sour flavours, and the crisp bite of a tasty well dressed salad. To follow, they served an incredible seven tasting size mains. This included; sea bass cooked in banana leaves, beef randang curry, honey soy garlic chicken and much more. The food and the service were both a delight, and in my opinion this place is well worth checking out!

This was not my first trip to Amsterdam, however I still managed to take away a new experience from the city and it won’t be my last! If it’s a trip to explore and learn, eat and drink or just a chill out, Amsterdam has it all. As a whole, most people you meet are very friendly, if you need to, you can stick to a budget and if you’re searching for some word class hotels and restaurants, you need look no further.

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