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Bryony Rosier
Bryony Rosier
Marketing Manager Cuckooz

Bryony is the Marketing Manager here at Cuckooz.  When she's not shimmying around the office, you can find her in East London, where she lives - forraging for vintage finds, or in her studio, where she works as a digital artist and linocut printmaker.


Cuckooz Curates: Gods & Goddesses
Words by Bryony Rosier, Friday 04 January 2019

Don’t know what’s on this week? We do… Every other week we highlight the best your borough has to offer for a great few weeks ahead. 


We get it. It’s January. You gained 50 pounds, your bra fits on backwards and New Years left the sorry remains of your liver in a state of disrepair.  You rolled out to that Christmas party serving up Beyonce realness and now, as you’re sat there, sipping on your 28th mug of Lempsip - doused in an industrial lubrication of VapoRub, you’re wondering if it’s time to run away with the rest of the toad people and forget about this month altogether.

Fear not! The glitz and glamour are far from gone yet. London’s hosting a magical melange of events this January to help you slay away those January blues. Dust off those dance shoes and emerge from your pit of despair – Netflix will always be there so get up, roll out, and see something spectacular instead!

Divine Proportions @ The Vaults

Serving up the ultimate antidote to post-Christmas complacency, Divine Proportions is a mesmerising female-led immersive dining experience celebrating all things gluttonous, glorious and good. Prepare yourself for a three hour experience including a cool five courses including cocktails and stage shows featuring striptease, fire-eating, wax dripping and more… Certainly not one for the fuddy duddies, this is a show which invites you to leave your labels and inhibitions at the door. Tickets come in around £50 including the five-course meal and performance and are available here. Hurry though – showtime ends January 12th.

Divine Proportions @ The Vaults
Athi-Patra Ruga: Of Gods, Rainbows and Omissions @ Somerset House

Step out of the grey London streets and into a world of vibrancy as you explore Athi-Patra Ruga’s immersive world of carefully curated chaos. Showcasing the final run this weekend, the titular show at Somerset House explores a mythological explosion of colour, queens and queer bodies. Lavish, allegorical and sensual, this certainly isn’t a show to be missed. Broke as a joke? The show will set you back a total of zero pounds and zero pence so you’ve no excuse to stay home. Find out more here.

Athi-Patra Ruga: Of Gods, Rainbows and Omissions @ Somerset House
Winter Lights @ Canary Wharf

For those who were lucky enough to catch the Lumiere festival of light when it hit the city last January, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Big Smoke will once more be lit up with an array of spectacular installations from a whole host of international artists. Our shout goes to Colour Moves by Rombout Frieling Lab – an immersive installation of pigments which react with specific wavelengths of light. Other highlights include Recyclism by Oskar Krajewski (pictured below) and Submergence by SquidSoup in Montgomery Square; over 24,000 suspended individual points of light which result in an immersive experience not unlike Yoyoi Kusama’s mirror rooms. Installations are free to attend, and run Tuesday 15th – Saturday 26th January. More information can be found here.

Winter Lights @ Canary Wharf
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CLICK HERE to see what our friend's over at The Nudge suggest you do over Chinese New Year in London. Did you know it's the largest celebration in the world outside of Asia? We think the Year of the Rooster is going to be a CORKER for Cuckooz!

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