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Bea Mustocea
Bea Mustocea
Marketing Assistant

Bea is our fabulous Marketing Assistant and newest addition to the Cuckooz nest.  A self confessed film nerd, you can find her gozzling popcorn in the backseats of any one of London's independent cinemas.

Cuckooz Commends: World Mental Health Day
Words by Bea Mustocea, Tuesday 10 October 2017

Sharing is caring dear traveller; each week, a member of our knowledgeable team of locals shares their insider knowledge on what’s hot and happening in and around our nests.



Today is a very special day worldwide, a day to celebrate a cause that is extremely close to our hearts. Reaching its landmark 25th anniversary, having a day to recognize and raise awareness about the silent struggles some of our peers could be facing has left a positive mark on the world. Mental health in the workplace is the theme of World Mental Health Day 2017, and that is something we hold very dearly here at Cuckooz.


With names such as Prince William and Prince Harry fighting for the cause in previous years, the celebration has gained much recognition and is now being celebrated in numerous ways across the globe. From talks to stories being shared, to random acts of kindness, people are invited to open their hearts and minds and connect to their peers in an effort to end the stigma around this sensitive topic. The cause also wants to reassure people that if they do come forward and seek help, they will not be let down by an unwelcoming system. Statistics show that as much as one in four adults are faced with a mental illness each year in the UK. That is over ten million people that are affected by whatever chance we choose to take on this issue. By making them feel welcome and easing their anxieties, we can hope for a better future altogether.


Here at Cuckooz we believe in creating a safe space for everyone and that starts in the workplace. And as most of our guests are here for business traveling, we encourage them to speak out if anything is impacting their mental wellbeing with regard to their work. And we can start doing that by being kinder and more open to one another. Not just today, but everyday.



For more information and resources, head over to to find out how you can get involved. 

Artwork by Bryony Rosier ( @bryonyrosier )

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